Barbil Tigers Foundation

About Sports


Sports is one of the key causes that our organization focuses on. We believe that sports can be a powerful tool for promoting physical and mental health, building character, and fostering teamwork. Our sports programs aim to provide opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to engage in sports activities and develop their skills.

Youth Sports Programs

We offer a variety of sports programs for young individuals, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and more. Our programs provide coaching and mentorship to help young athletes develop their skills, build confidence, and learn the value of teamwork.

Community Sports Tournaments

We organize sports tournaments and events that bring together individuals and teams from different communities. These tournaments provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their skills and promote community engagement.

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Sports Equipment Donations

We collect and distribute sports equipment to individuals and organizations that may not have the resources to purchase equipment on their own. These donations provide individuals with the opportunity to engage in sports activities and promote physical health.

Coaching and Mentorship

We provide coaching and mentorship to individuals who may face barriers to engaging in sports activities. Our coaching and mentorship programs help individuals develop their skills and promote inclusion and diversity in sports.

Through our Sports Programs , we aim to promote physical and mental health, build character, and foster teamwork. We believe that sports can bring people together, promote inclusion, and provide individuals with opportunities to reach their full potential.